The beautiful city; still lives it's past but stays new. It's home of Yunus Emre, heritage of Nasreddin Hodja. You must live the ancient history of this city which have been witnessed of Liberation and Foundation. Let's discover one of the most liveable cities of Turkey together:


  Eskişehir has historical traces from the Early Ages to Selcuklu Era and from the time of Ottoman Empire to Turkish Rebuplic. It is one city which always modernizing itself but also carries history for tomorrows.Hittities have built a state here centered the city in B.C 14. After that Frig people have passed to Anatolia and setteled in Eskişehir what was called Dorylain at that time. One of the most ancient piece is "Midas Monument aka Yazılıkaya" near Han district. The city also has been under controlled by Persians and The Byzantines. The city took name as "Sultanönü" in Selçuklu Era. The city joined Ottoman Empire soon.  Eskişehir also had importance for Independence War.  There had been three battle during Independence War in Eskişehir. There are a lot of historical places can be seen cause of whole experiences of centuries. It is thought the ruins of ancient structures stayed at villages near Eskişehir like "Değişören, Örenköy etc..."


   Eskişehir is Turkey's constantly evolving and filling with innovation city. Eskişehir is the biggest 25 th city in Turkey. 826.716 citizen live in Eskişehir according to population data of 2015. Porsuk River brings beauty to city's atmosphere. You can see an European review with bridges and gondola tours on Porsuk River.  Eskişehir is a well-developed city about culture and art.  There are a lot theater halls and a huge opera hall where is located in Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Art Park. Eskişehir also has two university:  "Osmangazi University and Anadolu University". The city is named as "City of Students" and has an active night life. 


   Another reason of developing tourism is rich cuisine of Eskişehir. The city, which has become the intersection point of different cultures throughout history, have been enriched it's cuisine in this direction. Eskişehir is also famous with hot water springs. There are lots of Spa like "Kızılinler,Sakar,.. etc" what become cure for different ilness. 


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